Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thing #6 - Mashups and other tools to use with Flickr

Using Flickr with Google maps is pretty cool. I found a Mashup that combined photos from Route 66 with a map of the US and the photos placed on the map route showing where they came from. However, I wasn't able to click on the photos to see what they were and they were too small to see a clear image. This would be a cool geography lesson. Maybe students could post photos of places they visited during the summer and it could be posted in a classroom.

Big Deal had links to make the trading cards. Who would want a trading card of a librarian? You could create info trading cards to hand out in your library, though. Like a list of your subscription databases with the passwords to access them.

With Movie Posters, you could have students create posters about their favorite books and post them around the library.


kk said...

Oh I think little ones would like my trading card--hahaha! I think it depends on the type of campus or library you have. But I think using them for biography research would be a good hook for the kids.

myska said...

I want our kids to make trading cards that share about the book they just read. A new take on book reports or book talks!