Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thing #7 - Google Tools

The iGoogle page can be customized to your individual preferences. I set up a page for a history class and the idea was that anyone could sign in and add links to information they found on the topic the class was researching. The class was researching warrior groups and each small group was assigned a different warrior group. So, as they found information on their specific warrior group, they would add a link to that info on this iGoogle page set up for that purpose. That would make it a meaningful project because they would be creating a site (if we make it public) that other people could use in the future.

Google Notebook could also be used in this same fashion because you can make it accessible to others so as you are adding information you find someone else can be doing the same thing. Then, it can be shared.

It does require everyone to have passwords to sign in to the page or notebook.

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