Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thing #23 Overall Thoughts

My favorite discoveries were how to do podcasts and photo stories. They were so much easier than I thought and very doable for me and in the classroom.

The program assisted in my lifelong learning goals because I learned something new this summer, which is always a goal of mine - to use the summer for professional enrichment so I can start the school year with new ideas!

I was surprised to learn about the trading card thing and the ideas I got from other players on how to use them, like for book reviews (cover on one side with a review on the other) and the mish-mash tools. Didn't know so many were available; I had only heard about the Google maps and Google earth combos.

The format was perfect because we could work at our own pace, plus there was a variety of sources used in a variety of media format: documents, interactive programs, videos, etc. Maybe you could set up a central place or blog for comments to make it easier to read everyone else's. There are so many I don't think I connected as much as I wanted to. However, I would participate in other discovery programs in the future.

Awesome discoveries to broaden your mind and outlook with tools to change your school's learning environment to be more exciting and inviting!


librarylion said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. You gave some excellent ideas for incorporating technology into the library and the classroom. That's my goal - to apply some of these new skills and tools during the upcoming school year. I would like to find a blog/wiki devoted to that topic.

VWB said...

Congratulations on reaching your summer goal

the L2P reader (on the sidebar) accomplishes part of what you central place to see all updated blog postings. as for the comments, can't think of any way to put together.

if the email follow-up box is available check that so you get commment notices in your email...that helps