Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thing #11 Library Thing

It is easy to add books to your library after joining Library Thing. I just typed in the name of favorite authors and then clicked on all the titles I had read. What is hard to do is to add favorite authors to your profile. In the instructions under "how to add," it says to do a search for your favorite author and add it from their author page. I found two different author pages, but could not see where on the page there is a link or whatever to add it to your profile as a favorite author. Also, I was reading reviews on a recent book I read and wanted to add a tag. I read the tags listed for the book, but couldn't find where to add one. When I click on tags in the top menu, it just tells me I haven't posted any tags. Well, I know that! How do I?

However, I think this would be a great resource to recommend to students to help them find other books they might enjoy. But, since it is a blog, it will be blocked by our district and they could only use it from home. Same for this blog...

There are groups for librarians and those reading young adult fiction. The ya group I found didn't seem too organized and were reading old ya books, not any from our state's current list, which was disappointing.

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