Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing #20 YouTube and TeacherTube

The Evaluating Website Tutorial is succint, to the point. It moves faster than a lot of tutorials and doesn't give the audience a chance to get bored. Quick intro! Love the CARS reminder; good place to start discussion.

Three steps good visualization of global peers, upbeat music, they have to read and watch to get the message! Great, short intro to rev up morale at beginning of school year for teachers. It shows several of the tools, but I think we would have to explain some of them to the teachers.

Love the Texas history video; got to show it to the coaches who teach history. Web site

I like it that you have instructions on how to convert files and/or access them if the videos are blocked by your school's filter or firewall.

There are some good videos on activities in the library and library tutorials for specific libraries on YouTube. These would be fairly easy to make for our own library with a video camera; great way to get the students involved by having them help create them.

On TeacherTube there's a good video from a math teacher on "why I teach math." Now I want to know how he makes math "fun, relevant and exciting." There are also several videos for teaching specific math concepts for high school, as well as a personal documentary of a teacher's first year as a math teacher.

You can find almost anything. If this isn't blocked in our district, I will post a link to it on my library resources page and promote it just like UnitedStreaming's videos.

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