Friday, July 18, 2008

Thing #21 podcasts and audio books

Wow, you can really get lost in those Picture Story projects because you can just keep adding music, customizing motion, typing captions, etc. I can see how podcasts might be a little easier. I always write out my book talks and print up what I'm going to say about each book; I could just record them, take a photo of the cover and post them to our library web site in a separate folder, depending what grade level it is. Okay, time to try to post my Photo Story. I tried to register with Switchpod, so I could park podcasts but they had a scripts error on the page so when I hit the Register button, nothing happened. So I don't have a place to park those so I can link them. Maybe I'll try later and it will work.

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VWB said...

what a nice memory of a fun-looking adventure!