Monday, July 14, 2008

Thing #14 Technorati

There are three blog posts with School Library Learning 2.0, 16 blogs about it and only two posts tagged under it.

2. Explore popular blog, searches and tags. Is anything interesting or surprising in your results?

The most popular blogs have to do with technology or gadgets and other computer or technology-related items so it just shows you that people who blog are interested in this technology and gadgets that can be used to do more things technology-wise.
A popular search is about something called "meedia." Now at first I thought it was media spelled wrong and found out there were 8 posts and a few videos. Well, not all those people would be spelling it wrong, right? "Meedia" is media that has to do with "ME" and how you can customize what you read, interact with and communicate to on the interest to pertain just to you, individually. I may have that wrong, but that's what I came away with. Some of the top tags are about gadgets (apple and iphone and iphone3 because a new one came out) and politics (barack obama, mccain, etc.) So tags are sort of categories like news sites use, i.e. sports, news, life, health, etc. So I could search using tags of interest to me, then choose blogs to add to my account or reader account. It's also cool for use in Flickr when you are looking for photos on a specific subject to demonstrate something or decorate a report or web page (but be sure to ask for permission and show copyright!). Tagging is a great way to organize information you need. Students could use it to tag their favorite books to help other students find similar books, i.e. baseball, romance, etc.

I didn't opt to register my blog yet because it's about stuff in this class and I want it to be eventually just about books in our library so once it is, I may do that and just see how popular it becomes! The widgets would be of more use then.

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